Exams, Marks & Stress

Everyone has related to the 3 words given above at some point in their academic life. Whether it is the fear of not scoring well enough or not being prepared enough, as the exams come nearer, the stress keeps increasing at an exponential rate. You could be extremely confident for a paper, and yet lose your calm during the paper and mess the whole thing up. 

I am someone, who isn’t fond of the current education system but will go all in a few days before exams begin to get a good percentile and grade. Why do I do that? Well, because I think it will somehow give me an edge when looking for the ‘perfect corporate job’ that pays my bills. Competition is the reason most of the students’ stress so much. Higher scores are equal to a better college. Education is a race wherein all students who clear the most obstacles in the least amount of time, wins the best job that exists in the field. At least, that is what we’re made to believe. (It’s not until later that we realize that books alone aren’t enough, work experience plays a major role in our professional life)

Stress during exams is subjective. There’s no particular reason why every student is nervous and anxious. I’d like to tell you one instance of my life. I had my Financial Accountancy 12th grade board paper in March 2019. 4 out of 6 papers were over and this was the 5th one. I was very confident with this paper as it was my favorite subject after Mathematics and I had practiced all kinds of sums with all exceptions and variations. Along with this, throughout the year, during my class tests, I had never scored lesser than 95%. I had the least amount of stress until the paper started. I usually start the paper by reading all the questions and marking the hidden details. I knew I had solved such sums before but yet somehow, I panicked so much, I couldn’t focus. The sums weren’t very difficult, but I was so tensed, I ended making many stupid mistakes. After the paper, I was so disheartened because I knew I was going to lose at least 6 marks. Going home, I was so down, I switched off my phone for a good amount of time. I thought I became overconfident and didn’t know how my professor was going to react knowing that I messed up the paper. During, all this while, my parents were the most supportive. Quoting my mother here, “It’s okay that you messed up, what’s the worst that could happen? You’ll score 5-6 marks less; you’ll get into the second-best college. Your marks don’t define you but your efforts do. And as for career, you’re my daughter, you’ll figure it out just like you did so far.”

I won’t say I stopped worrying about scores since that day (Though, I take my exams a bit lightly now than I used to ), but I know that we’re all different and that one bad paper or one terrible result can’t stop us from achieving our goals. Not to be confused with “Marks don’t Matter”. They do, but only to a certain extent. They aren’t worth crying over for days or sacrificing all those get-togethers with friends and family. Marks are not the end of the world. It’s just a tiny part of life. Nobody is going to kill you for scoring low marks. My point here, enjoy this period. Meet new people, bond with family, learn new things, go out, explore places, find your hobbies…… Just don’t consume yourself with exam and marks stress. Study only when needed but always keep learning.

To everyone having exams right now or in the coming weeks, 

Stay Hydrated. Get Good Sleep. Eat Well. Give Your Best. Good Luck!

Hello Everyone! I’m trying to write 1 blog per week over various topics, they may be related to the most random stuff because I can’t stick to one thing.

Thank you & Have a Nice Day!

Favourite part of 2019

It’s going to be way past NYE when I post this, but when I look back to 2019, there has been a lot of stuff that’s happened in the past year. Some good stuff, some bad stuff and some not-so- important stuff. But if there’s anything that’s been the highlight of my year is that I went for my first-ever long trek!

21st May to 1st June, 2019- Pindari Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand.

After being done with my 12th grade board exams, and spending a month and a half of my vacations just relaxing ( Going to my cousin’s place and attending weddings ) , I decided to sign up for a summer trek. Luckily, 3 seats were left in this trek and I managed to get one. All of my friends were busy, so I was alone on this trek with 40 other unknown youngsters.

If you’d ask me, what was the best thing about the trek? I’d say all of it! There’s some stuff that’s listed below on why everything about this trek seemed so wonderful!

–I had absolutely no network for a week, my phone was switched off a kept inside backpack since, I had no use. If you’d ask me on any other days to stay without social media, I’d decline straight away. But, for those 12-13 days which including travelling and trekking my phone was used only to call my parents and a few friends whenever I got network. To be honest, that’s the most I’ve enjoyed in a really long time without constantly using my phone.

–The views. The hills, the mountains, the rivers, the night sky, the villages everything looked so peaceful. The trail from start to summit and back to the starting point, all the way it was beautiful. The summit itself was so serene to have snowcapped mountains on three sides and a river on the fourth. The bridges which were photogenic that everyone stood there for at least 30 minutes. The tents which were small but cozy. The campfire at night, where everyone was together, singing and dancing. The bus journey, where everyone thought we were in a movie and asked the driver to play travel songs. The campsites, which were small cement buildings and empty grasslands so that we could place our tents and which had absolutely no human present other than the 40 of us.

–The post trek scenes were fun. After the trek, our group headed to Nainital, a hill station in Uttarakhand, about 7-8 hours drive from our basecamp. Skipping the part where we visit the tourist spots, the reason we had so much fun because a few of us stayed up till 4 am just roaming around the hotel, teasing and annoying each other and having fun even though we were super tired from the trek. Together, we were celebrating the completion of our trek safely and happily.

–The dogs of that region were such sweethearts that they followed us to the next campsite and played with us. These furry beings were so cute and lovely, that they guided us when we thought we were lost. The insects weren’t pleasant at first but they did no harm to us so we allowed them to sleep with us in the tent ( they flew in and we can’t really ask them to leave ) as long both of us were getting a place to sleep in this cold weather.

–The last but the most important thing I’ve loved about this trek, The People. I had most of my fellow trekkers younger than me by a year or two. And even though they were younger to me, they helped me when I thought I couldn’t go any further. The weather caused me to have migraine and vomiting. But these beautiful souls, not just helped me and stood by my side and also motivated me to go further and that I could do it. I loved how some of us hadn’t spoken on the first few days but when we had to cross a difficult bridge or snow patch, everyone came together as a team and helped each other. I mentioned before that we were 40 youngsters, and we also had with us 5 forty plus years old first-time trekkers who were no less than us, in fact they were better than us, teenagers. Their determination to complete the trek and their spirits were so high. The locals who helped us in showing the way, or were kind enough to let us use their washrooms and so welcoming. Trekkers from other groups, who wished us luck and shared smiles.I think they experience I’ve had from this trek will always remain with me. Looking at someone who was the last one to reach the next site on first days of the 5-day trek, but reaching first on the final day just to push her limits, inspired me on a whole new level. The trek guide, who has told us such stories about the calamities and lifestyle of people living in that region opened my eyes about how people outside a metro city in India live, they face such hardships, yet have hearts of gold.

To everyone who was with me on this trek, a big thank you! I think the experiences of this trek will stay with me for a long time. I couldn’t mention all the details of this trek in words but I’ll keep mentioning it over and again.I personally think everyone should at least once go travel with unknowns, not solo but with a group of unknowns. It will give you a different perspective, about life, about people, and everything else in general.

Thankyou to everyone who has read everything so far. This is my first blog. I’ve been wanting to start writing blogs since a few months now and it was just on NYE that I got myself to write it.

Thankyou & Wishing you a Happy New Year!